Professional service in security

AJ Security inc. accounts for more than 20 years of experience in commercial, industrial and residential security. We have the practical and theoretical expertise to create for you a physical security solution that will end the threat of intrusion, vandalism, violence and theft of equipment or information. AJ Security inc. offers complete management of your security projects. We take charge of the analysis of your requirements, the evaluation of existing systems and the development of plans and specifications, supplier management and monitoring of the installation work, system programming, capabilities testing and verification and staff training.

- Video surveillance (CCTV)
- Access Control
- Door control
- Staff barriers
- Vehicle barriers
- Fences
- Anti-intrusion Systems
- Intercom Systems

Our mission

The mission of AJ Security inc. is to ensure the protection of its partners according to the methodical approach of determining the protection needs. Based on clear objectives, we will develop an integrated solution with the most appropriates and efficient components. We will follow the implementation of the solution to ensure a quality result and then we evaluate the system to ensure optimal efficiency of its performance.

To get a quote or simply more information, you can contact us by phone at 450-661-6658.



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