Remote Video Monitoring

Once a security audit done and needs identified in terms of protection, AJ Security inc. will be able to secure your premise by conceptualizing and designing a physical protection plan that will surpass your expectations. AJ Security inc. recommends the use of components to meet your vulnerabilities and give you eyes where it is needed. AJ Security inc. is able to "design" and customize your CCTV system to suit your needs, whether they involve the supervision of a local site or multi-location sites.

Be assured that security AJ inc. will be there every step leading to the full implementation and staff training.


For a quote or for more information, you can contact us by phone at 450-661-6658.

Remote monitoring equipment

Analog cameras – Excellent quality/price ratio for several video settings.

Cameras IP (Internet Protocol) – Digital Cameras with which it is possible to transmit the video signal using a communication system network (TCP / IP, Ethernet, etc.).

Megapixel cameras – Produces high-resolution images that can be enlarged, while maintaining excellent quality.

Infrared cameras – Allows analyzing movements from the emission of heat in a given area. Also very effective where there are very few sources of light.

Digital recording – Recording images to remote monitoring is done on a storage disk where it is easy and quick to retrieve it later.

Video Analytics – The latest technology can integrate a CCTV system to a system intrusion or protocols to bring actions based on events viewed. (Facial recognition, license plate recognition, perimeter detection, etc.).


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