Access Control

Following a safety audit, your company is capable of understanding what it must protect in priority in its environment. Thus, it is important to restrict the movement of people based on the legitimacy of their displacements. AJ Security inc. can set up a system of access control that allows you to permit physical access to authorized individuals only, detect and prevent the entry or exit of goods or materials without your approval and delay forced entry in your building. Protecting your business starts with knowing those that work within its walls! AJ Security inc. has expertise in the implementation of access control systems to protect a location at its maximum, but also to bring tangible benefits to the effectiveness of your business.


An Ideal Solution!

We provide access controls to meet your real security needs. Our assessments are made based on clear goals and we develop an integrated solution and, with the most appropriate and efficient components. We follow the implementation of the solution to ensure a quality result, then we evaluate and maintain the access system with the goal of its optimal performance.

In addition, we work with the best brands and products available on the market, RBH Access, DSC, Paradox and DSX.

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