Alarm Systems

AJ Security inc. knows that you can not be everywhere at the same time. This is why once supervision requirements at critical points are identified, it is important to provide the means to detect an intrusion as soon as possible. AJ Security inc. has the expertise to design physical protection systems that will help you make the right decisions in response to the type of security threats to your operations. In addition, by combining expertise with the various existing technologies in detection, AJ Security inc. can develop the perfect solution for you, and regardless of the type of environment in which you operate.

Features of our alarm systems

Buried detectors – Using seismic pressure, magnetic field or biological properties of specific fiber optic cables buried underground you can detect an intruder much before he is at your door.

Perimeter Protection – Installed in conjunction with a fence, vibration detectors on it tell you when an intruder tries to climb over obstacles in your perimeter.

Infrared – Infrared detection captures the variation of heat in one place, often associated with the movement of people.

Microwave – Microwave detectors mono-static and bi-static are ideal for detecting intruders in a space where objects (fences, vegetation, etc.) obstruct the field of vision.

Broken glass – When windows are accessible from the outside, they can be access points for intruders. The detection of broken glass notify you when a window is smashed.

Photoelectric – A signal light invisible to the naked eye gives you the supervision of a checkpoint without your opponent being aware.

Detectors spill – To limit the damage associated with a spill or a flood, acting quickly is crucial.

Gas detectors and CO2 – To validate the state of the surrounding air, several technologies are available to you.


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